Architecture and Documentation Department

The architectural remnants of past ages (monuments to historic sites) are valuable parts of cultural heritage sites that require restoration and conservation. The necessity of documentation is not covered in the realization of basic information by the researcher. There are many ways in protecting historical buildings and sites, but choosing a scientific method to achieve the best result and the least damage to monuments is the basic necessity of restorers. The activities of the architecture and documentation department are divided into four categories:

Documentation of Pasargadae Monuments (Cyrus Tomb, Mozaffarian Caravanserai, Private Palace, Gate Palace, Audience Palace, Water channels, Stone tower, Sacred precinct)
Laser scan of Cyrus Tomb
Photogrammetry of the Stone Tower
Photogrammetry of winged Guardian Figure
Photogrammetry of Tall-e Takht fortifications

Architectural designs and Organization of:
Gate palace visit path
Private palace visit path
ticket sale kiosks
Introduction Hall

Topography and mapping of Pasargad World Heritage Site
Topography and mapping of Vakil Abad Hill
Topography and mapping of Rahmat Abad hill
Topography and mapping of the Mianjadei hill
Topography and mapping of the Pir Ghanbar hill