Carvansarai Mozaffari

 Located about 100 m north of the tomb of Cyrus, is the Mozaffari caravanserai or hostel. It was made of the transported stones from the Achaemenid monuments of Pasargadae. The plan is a square 45.20 x 40.30 m. A series of rooms are organized around a court of 18.50 x 16.50. The monument was built under Shah Shoj'a (1358-1374 A.D.), one of the famous rulers of the Mozaffari dynasty in Fars, who was one of the patrons and supporters of the celebrated Iranian poet, Hafez. 

Some scholars believe that it was a religious school or madrassa which formed a religious center in the proximity of the Mausoleum of Mother of Salomon (namely the Mausoleum of Cyrus) after the construction of the mosque around the tomb. It was disaffected later and became a caravanserai probably in the late 18th/early 19th century. In 1951, Ali Sami then director of the excavations at Pasargadae restored and reconstructed the ruined caravanserai to become the site’s excavation house and offices.

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