Material Diagnostic Laboratory

Introducing material diagnostic laboratory and conservation and restoration workshop of the Pasargadae world heritage.

Material diagnostic laboratory and conservation studio in the framework of a common inter-parliamentary cooperation project of Iran and Italy was established with mutual financial credit in the Pasargadae world heritage Site at 2014, in order to perform specialized studies on stone. In the spring of 2015, this laboratory has been operated with a specific equipment donated by Italian ministry of culture. The operation of the Pasargadae conservation laboratory has been the first achievement of a collaborative effort between Iran and Italy team, which is now focusing more closely on the studies of the stone in the Pasargadae. At the same time as the operation of the laboratory, the activities are planned in such a way that studies on various subject can be carried out and enhanced the potential and capacity of studies in the field of conservation and restoration due to Equipping this laboratory to the modern and practical instrument and devices, part of these studies.

  • Preparation of laboratory sample of stone, metal, brick, mortar (thin and polished samples)
  • Petrography analysis
  • Metallography analysis
  • Testing mechanical and chemical properties of Soil (Grain size distribution of soils by sieve and hydrometer analysis, Atterberg limits and soluble salts analysis)
  • Testing Mechanical and chemical properties of earthen material, mortar, and stone (compressive strength, flexural strength, and soluble salts)
  • General Chemical testing
  • studies on Stoneworks
  • Studies on ceramic objects Studies on earthen materials
  • Studies on bio-deterioration
  • Studies on historic and repaired mortar

Furthermore, by establishing laboratory and studio infrastructures, the field of education and research has been realized, which is one of the main goals of this center. In such a way by the presence of different experts and students in conservation season, laboratory changed to an educational center and enriches the concept of sustainable conservation in the Pasargadae world heritage site. Therefore, with the support of this laboratory, extensive studies have been conducted on monitoring and evaluating environmental parameters that have an impact on the stone structures. In fact, this specialized laboratory will support all stages of the research study and project implementation of the Pasargadae world heritage site. In this laboratory, materials and methods in restoration will be evaluated and optimized by designing and implementing various studies in the term of enhancing the workability of conservation materials.

Indeed, the main purpose of setting this laboratory up is achieving the long-term conservation and maintenance method of the Pasargadae world heritage site. in the near future, this laboratory will be present analytical services to other regional historical sites, especially in a better understanding of the concept of stone heritage conservation it will appear as a template.